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Get to know Crypto Currency in a few simple steps

Still getting your head around crypto? You’ll find all the info you need right here with this simple step-by-step guide.

You can use these handy hints everywhere of course – but we know you know that is the only place to be!

Why Crypto?

No fees, no fuss: Crypto deposits and withdrawals free of charge Your winnings. Faster: Approved withdrawals with you in minutes 100% guaranteed transactions: No more failed credit card attempts

We Help You

Create your Crypto wallet: where you store your crypto, and where you send it to your personal wallet

Create your Exchange account: where you buy crypto, and where you convert your withdrawals back to cash

  • Bookmark this page! When creating your wallet and exchange, you might be taken elsewhere – so it’s great to keep it saved for quick reference.

Step 1: Get Your Wallet

About your wallet

Your wallet is where you safely store your Cryptocurrency. It keeps transactions safe, secure and private and best of all, creating your wallet is free and easy. Get yours in minutes!

The best wallet for you

There are LOADS of free and fantastic wallet providers out there to choose from, but we recommend the following two options. Why these? Because users like you told us so!

  • Blockchain – desktop and tablet
  • Exodus – mobile

Step 2: Get Your Exchange Account

First thing’s first, you need to find the right Exchange for you. We recommend trying CoinMarketCap to compare options.

Just like setting up your wallet, Exchange account creation is free, easy and can be done in minutes. This is where you’ll buy your Cryptocurrency, and it’s also where you can convert withdrawals back into your chosen currency.

Your Exchange account provider is likely to charge small transaction fees – so make sure you check that out when choosing your provider

What you need

  • Government-issued Photo ID: to verify your identity when you sign up
  • Proof of address: If not visible anywhere on the above

Step 3: Buying Cryptocurrency: Know your Options

Buying Cryptocurrency for the first time? Don’t worry – it’s easy. Here are the two best options for you.


    You can also buy Cryptocurrency in minutes with your debit or credit card through our very own ‘buy Crypto’ functionality. The pros of this are… well, it’s just so quick and simple!

    You choose your amount, the Cryptocurrency you want to purchase, and click ‘Buy’. Straight to your wallet. Easy! And when you do it for the first time, don’t worry – we’ll be there to walk you through it. Every step of the way.


    If you’ve followed Step 2 and got your new Exchange account, you’re almost there. Your Exchange provider will guide you through this process every step of the way.

    Once you’ve done it once, it’s just like riding a bike. But if you do forget, check those help pages for all the info.

    Depending on your Exchange provider, you’ll be able to purchase up to $10,000 per day.


    Debit Card: the fastest, easiest way to buy Cryptocurrency and transfer funds

  • If asked about your purchase, avoid mentioning personal details or online gaming
  • Use your debit card. This ensures instant purchases. Others can take much longer, sometimes even days!
  • Check and check again! Review your transfer carefully. Your Exchange provider will offer multiple currencies, so make sure you’ve got all the right details.

Step 4: Transfer Crypto to your Wallet

  1. Click on your wallet
  2. Fill in the amount you want to transfer
  3. Check… and SEND!

All done?! You should receive confirmation in a matter of minutes.

A transaction fee for the transfer may be applied by your wallet. You can make unlimited transfers of any value between your exchange and your wallet.

Step 5: How to Deposit Crypto

  1. Fill in the amount you want to deposit
  2. Copy and paste in the wallet address
  3. Check… and DEPOSIT!

All done? Your new balance will be updated in an instant. A transaction fee for the transfer may be applied by your wallet.


We hope this has helped make your Cryptocurrency experience easier.

Bookmark this page. Honestly, it’ll come in handy! Transfer deposits from your wallet, not your Exchange ALWAYS check and check again before making transactions

Enough learning. Now, get back to enjoying your day and everything we have to offer!

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