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See all - The Ultimate Destination for Crypto Slot Enthusiasts slots take players on a journey into the crypto gaming universe. Much like its Fiat banking counterpart, JustCasino Crypto showcases the biggest and best online crypto casino slots all in one space. Crypto slots offer players a unique experience that can transport them from the comfort of their own home into an action-packed storydriven game. Bet real-money from your account on games and win big on the biggest games on the planet.

Introduction to Crypto Slots

Online crypto slots are very similar to those you would find in a traditional online casino, however, the main difference being that the money being wagered is that of cryptocurrency. This means that the wager isn’t of a set value and your winnings can fluctuate due to the increase and decrease of your cryptocurrency.

We have thousands of games to choose from inside our crypto casino and you will find a multitude of different features, themes, and game mechanics which help each game stand out from the rest. Here’s a look at some features you will find at
Multiple Pay Line
Free Spins
Scatter Rounds
Wild Symbols
Random Wilds
Cascading Tiles
Expanding Symbols
Sticky Wilds
Bonus Rounds
You’ll find plenty of excitement in each game you choose from the wide range of different features available. Head over to the games pagenow and find out which game is your favourite.

Slots Types in

There are two main types of slots in, those being modern slots and classic slots. The key difference between the two is the presentation and mechanics involved. Classic crypto slots are stripped back of the fancy features and rely on creating the traditional slot machine feel and recreating the magic of an old school casino. They offer hours of replayability due to the quick and easy nature of the game being simple to pick up and play regardless of your knowledge on slots and paylines.

Modern crypto slots have a higher focus on presentation and use immersive graphics to transport the player into a detailed storyline set in a fantasy world. The game mechanics are often intricate and can create mini games or quests for players to complete to unlock multipliers or bonus rounds that can pack a big punch in the form of prize money.

How to play the best online crypto slots

It has never been easier to log in and play Just slots for real money. Below we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to launch your journey into space and start searching for some wins.

Step 1 - Create a JustCasino Crypto account

Sign-up to by pressing the JoinNow! Button on the home page. Once your details are registered with us you will gain access to the library of games.

Step 2 - Deposit some crypto

You need real money in your online casino account to start wagering on our games so go ahead and follow the instructions once you press Deposit, and make use of the generous Welcome Offer that is available on your first deposits.

Step 3 - Select a game

Now it’s time for the fun part, search through the games on screen and decide which one catches your eye.

Step 4 - Spin up a storm!

Once you have your game, launch it, and decide how much you wish to wager on each spin and let the reels launch you into space on a new journey.

Bitcoin Slots vs Regular Slots - A comparison

Bitcoin slots are regular slot machine games that you play online but you can only wager Bitcoin. The player not only places bets in Bitcoin but receives their winnings in Bitcoin too meaning the value of your winnings can fluctuate depending on the value of Bitcoin at the time you go to withdraw back to your wallet. Certain providers are already offering their biggest games in Bitcoin version for crypto players to take advantage of.

Take a look below at a quick comparison of Bitcoin slots versus regular slots:

Bitcoin Slots
✅Improved security and anonymity
✅Winnings can increase in value
✅No need for currency conversion

Regular Slots
✅Wider game selection
✅More providers to choose from
⛔Slower cash out times

Popular Crypto Casino Slots Titles and Developers

While crypto slots are relatively new to the scene many developers are focusing their attention to make sure their slots are available to those who wish to play via cryptocurrency. This means that the majority of your favourite slots in regular online casinos will be able to be played in JustCasino Crypto as well. There are a few dedicated game developers who are offering crypto-only slots in order to capitalise on the growing popularity and added security of crypto-casinos.


Which are the Best Crypto Slots?

Head over to our crypto games page and you can see a wide range of the best games available to play with cryptocurrency right now.

How to play bitcoin slots?

Just like at a regular online casino, you just need to make sure you have loaded up some Bitcoin into your online casino account before clicking the game you want to play and setting the wager per spin.

What does slot machine RTP mean?

RTP is the Return To Player percentage. This means for however much the player bets, how much on average will the player receive back of their original wager. The higher the RTP, the more chance of winning the player has.

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