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Nothing but wins. Crypto Casino Games - Making Every Bet an Adventure!
Venture deep into the crypto gaming galaxy with The ultra immersive online casino experience with a twist. The crypto only casino gives players a more secure environment to play free from digital footprint and prying eyes. The added excitement of crypto casino games only makes the action more unpredictable and gives the player a higher chance to walk away with big winnings.

Crypto Casino Gaming - From Bitcoin Casino Games to Altcoins

So you might be wondering what a Bitcoin casino game is? A Bitcoin casino game is a game that operates solely from Bitcoin. Meaning your wagers are played directly in Bitcoin and your winnings are paid out directly in Bitcoin. As you might be aware, the value of cryptocurrency in general is always changing, specifically with Bitcoin new casino games these inflations and deflations will impact how much you win. This can be extremely useful if you wager when the coin is low, and win when the value of Bitcoin has spiked meaning your winnings will also multiply with the inflated value of your newly won coins. Altcoin games are simply any other alternative coin games to Bitcoin new casino games. Meaning the same logic as the above applies with every other altcoin that you can wager with inside crypto games. If you play your bets right, you can multiply your winnings by some hefty sums and walk away with a real chunk of change in your back pocket.

Crypto Casino Games vs Regular Casino Games

Crypto online casino games and regular casino games are pretty similar on the surface, but there are some major differences on how the payout and wagers are made that can make the crypto casino games that much more exciting and rewarding. Here’s a look at some of the biggest differences between these two types of game:
Crypto Games
✅Bet directly in your cryptocurrency
✅Winnings can inflate
✅Vault like security and no digital footprint

Regular Games
✅Wider game selection
⛔Slower processing times
⛔Currency conversion needed

Types of Crypto Games

Like our other casinos on show, Just Casino Crypto also boasts an enormous games library full of your favourite games. Whether you like crypto table games, crypto slots, crypto game shows, Bitcoin casino games, and other crypto casino game types, you will find all you need here in

Classic Slots

There might not be any fancy ribbons in the form of flashy graphics or bonus features in these games but simple gameplay reigns supreme. If you love the feel of an old school slot machine, then classic slots will transport you to a simpler time with fast paced rounds of fruit machine gambling.

Video Slots

Video slots offer players a truly unique experience in every game you launch. Each game is themed, includes storytelling, and immersive graphics which transport you from your sofa into a new world of adventure. Check out the unique features each developer has to offer and see how they can multiply your winnings and combo your paylines.

Progressive/Jackpot Slots

Any bet played by any player adds a small amount to the total pot on offer in each game. These slots pack an almighty punch and allow players to walk away with life-changing sums of money from a small bet. Try your luck on a jackpot slot and see if you have got luck on your side.

Crash Games/Fast Games

These are one of the latest creations in cryptocurrency casino games. The main objective is to decide each round whether the multiplier chain will continue or to cash out if you think it will break. It can create some memorable moments of excitement and thrill as you edge closer to the highest prize point, but get too greedy and you’ll see huge amounts of money slip through your finger tips and into a black hole.

Video Poker

Video poker allows players to play their favourite poker variations against a computer opponent. This can be a much slower paced way to enjoy the ultimate casino game without the pressure of having other real-time players waiting on you to complete your move. Take your time, develop your strategies, and perfect the rules of the game before you head onto a real table and take on human players.


The classic card game sees both the dealer and the player trying to score as close to the total of 21 without exceeding the limit. Whichever player scores closest wins the round and takes the chips. Blackjack is one of the most recognisable and enjoyable bitcoin casino games and is enjoyed across the world.


The other game synonymous with casino games around the world is Roulette. You place a ball inside a spinning wheel and must predict the segment that it lands on. If you guess correctly you can walk away from the table with a hefty amount of winnings.


Similar to the classic game of Blackjack, Baccarat sees players betting on whether their hand or the dealer’s hand will be closest to the total of 9. The scoring system is a little different to Blackjack. Be sure to take a look at the rules of the scoring systems to fully understand how your cards totals will equate to 9.


If you’ve mastered poker against the computer players, then it’s time to test your skills against real life players. Step onto a Poker table at and try to bluff your way to become the last man standing on the table.

Sic Bo

The game is played with three dice involving players betting on the outcomes of the three dice when they are rolled. It’s quick, it’s easy to learn, and the more you risk, the more you are rewarded.


A lottery type game with 20 numbers being generated by the computer. Players try to predict as many of the 20 numbers as possible by picking numbers between 1 and 80. The more numbers you guess correctly the more reward you take home.


Similar to Keno, Bingo involves numbers being drawn at random by the computer. Players however have a match card that is pre-generated by the computer and players must tick off the numbers off their card as they are drawn. Once a line is crossed off you win, and the second begins to try and cross a second line off, then the final round commences and its a race to see who can cross their entire card off first.

Scratch Cards

Buy yourself a scratch card from JustCasino Crypto and scratch away the foil to reveal if you have won an instant prize or not. It’s quick, and can bolster your balance immensely with a big win.

Live Dealer Games

JustCasino Crypto games extend to live casino games too. Play any of your favourite table casino games live from a dedicated studio with a professionally trained dealer leading the proceedings. This adds a whole new dimension of realism to your online casino experience and allows the excitement to be multiplied by the anticipation of watching all the action unfold live in the moment.


What are the Most Popular Crypto Casino Games? Take a look at the JustCasino Crypto games page and find out which are the most highly rated games in our collection. How do Crypto Casino Games Work? Cryptocurrency casino games work very similarly to traditional casino games, however wagers and payouts are made in cryptocurrency.

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